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"The quality of service provided by SERVTRANS shall, without prejudice to the environment, be at least equal with the quality of service expected by our customer"

SERVTRANS INVEST SA promotes the concept of excellence of service provided and prevention of environmental pollution. The excellence of service provided by our company is crucial to our activity (our existence) and CUSTOMER satisfaction and prevention of environmental pollution are key issues of our policy.

All employees and departments within SERVTRANS INVEST SA are responsible for achieving these objectives in order to secure and maintain a top market position among rail freight operators.

For us, customer satisfaction, which implies full compliance with their requirements, means:

Our goal is to be there for our customers, to support them in the performance of their activities and to meet their demands, so that we shall always be their first option on the services market.

Our company also seeks to attain personal satisfaction of our employees since quality of service is always given by the people providing the given service. Procedures, techniques, and rules are not enough to secure a competitive advantage. The ingredients of success lie within us, in our behaviour and actions, in the way we cooperate with our customers and colleagues.

Prevention of pollution is achieved by unconditionally complying with legal requirements and other applicable requirements, and by preventing, in all stages of rail freight transportation, environmental non-compliance that might incidentally cause pollution.

To achieve customer satisfaction and personal satisfaction of our employees, we have implemented an Integrated Management System which makes us confident that we shall maintain a high quality of service, while preventing environmental pollution. As a result, our customers' and employees' problems shall be promptly solved and our competitors shall be guided by the solutions already implemented by us. We shall show openness to our competitors and support them, should they wish to, which, in turn, will help us make progress.

In conducting the quality and environmental policy, we use the following guidelines that must be assimilated by every employee of our company:

We will continuously compare our performance with that of national and international market leaders in order to improve our activity by:

Mioara Bourceanu, Special Administrator

General Manager's statement on quality and environmental policy '.pdf format'

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