Servtrans Invest


Servtrans is a private company, with 100% Romanian capital and a social capital of 1000000 RON.

The main activity area is the railway transport as well as the logistics required by this sort of activity.

Thus, Servtrans Invest SA has the organizational structure of a Railway Transport Operator (OTF) and is placed under the authority of the Romanian Ministry of Transportation, Construction and Dwelling having the transport license number 009 E, series LTF, issued by the Romanian Railway Authority (AFER).

In order to have access on the public railway infrastructure, Servtrans Invest SA has signed a contract with the National Company of Railways CN CFR SA. As for the access on the private railway infrastructure, Servtrans has signed contracts with all the owners of private infrastructure from Romania.

Also, Servtrans Invest SA has the certificate for implementing and maintaining of a quality management system SR EN ISO 9001/2001 issued by the Romanian Railway Authority, both for the railway transport and shunting activity.

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